Welcome to THE RANCH!

Good Morning Everyone..
First of all, I know many of you have called the shop asking about the show on Saturday, and we have been politely and intentionally vague in our answers to you. Please understand that that is because this is a huge decision, and we do not take it lightly. Our people are our most important resource. They are our family, and their safety is paramount. Our customers are part of that group, many have shopped with us for over 30 years. Many of these families are typically here 3 or 4 generations deep. Keeping each of you, your parents, and your grandparents safe when you visit us is a huge responsibility, and we take it very seriously. That said, please understand the spirit of our intentions going forward. If you are thinking you would like to show here this weekend, read on…because there are changes to be made, and things you need to know. If after reading the following necessary adjustments, you decide you do not want to show here on Saturday, call me. We will refund your stall money. It’s critical that we all work together to keep everyone safe as we gather. If you are not willing to make adjustments, no problem, we will see you after Covid has passed. Until then, these are the adjustments we need to make.

First of all, everyone needs to take a long look at how they are feeling, and consider their exposure. If you are feeling poorly, may have been exposed, or have a family member that’s sick, please stay home. We will see you next time.

Second, bring a check for the show office. No cash. This is to keep the hand to hand contact down. Your check, made out to West 20, will be given to the office for secure keeping with your class list. Don’t worry, we have never lost anyone’s check. We can let you know the amount when you are done. Be patient.

There will be ribbons, but you will not get them at the gate. When you get to the end of the day and settle your tab, you will receive a bag with your ribbons in it. It will have your name and back number on it. Be patient.

There will not be a food stand. Bring your own food and drinks. Take your refuse home with you please.

Regarding the stall barn…If you have a stall, you may stage in the barn. One person per horse, UNLESS you are a minor, then you may have a trainer/parent in the stall barn to assist. There will be no gatherings outside a stall and no food tables. Overhead exhaust fans will be on in the arena and stall barn, doors will be open.

There will be no washing of horses here. Bathe before you come please.

We will not sell shavings. Bring your own, please. If you have already paid for shavings, they will be outside your stall.

Regarding the viewing room and walkway…doors will be kept open to reduce doorknob handling. Keep your distance in the viewing walk please. Separate by 6′ for family groups, etc. You’ve all been doing this for 3 months. We should be experts by now.

Restrooms….we will provide spray bottles with disinfectant in them. Clean up after yourselves please. Keep your distance in line please.

Ingress and Egress of Arenas…

Indoor will have the north end double doors open. There will be an orange cone in the middle of the opening. That leaves 16′ on each side of the cone. 32′ is more than enough to pass safely, so you will enter on the right of the cone facing into the arena, AND exit on the right when you are facing outside. Keep 10′ between you and the horse you are following in or out. Parents and trainers, make way. Spread out please.

Outdoor will use the South and East gates. In one, out the other per judge. Remember, spread out, don’t congregate at the gates, please.

Masks are welcome, please wear them if you feel more comfortable, especially inside.

Politics is not welcome. This is a gathering of horsemen and horsewoman. Let’s concentrate on our love of the horse and riding as our common denominator. Leave anything else at home, please.

I understand this is quite a list of changes, but it’s the only way we can proceed. We will try this, see how it goes, and then make decisions regarding the rest of the season.

Thank you for your business, your patronage, and your understanding of our motivation. We want our customers to be able to show their horses. It’s been such heartache for so many people to just hear one cancellation after another…but keep in mind, this is a risk for us. We are opening our facility to a large group of people from many communities. Please take responsibility for yourself and your guests. Be sure you are clear on the items listed above before you come… bring your patience and your best manners with our staff, they will be doing their best for you.

Thank You. See you Saturday.